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Cling To Your Confession

Product Development

The Challenge

Cling To Your Confession "C2YC" needed to develop a website, refresh their logo, as well as introduce a brand new product line. They were a company that were successful in the past, fell off the grid, but wanted to put steam in the engine and get this train choo-chooing again.

We sat down to talk about the new direction they saw their company progressing in. Their previous products had a very "90's" feel, and it was time to bring things up to date. We developed 3 new lines of "Clings" that you can stick to your shower wall, and integrated the "lasso" that people who know the brand are familiar with, into the design of the new line of clings. Our team then put together an easy to navigate e-commerce website. The client loves color and wanted things to "pop", so we didn't hold back!
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