Premenko Creative


Mobile Coffee Company

The Challenge

Merriment approached us wanting to create a brand that was very professional; elegant and luxurious, without losing the vibey charm of a classic coffee shop. The idea was to bring a high quality coffee shop experience into any wedding across the nation, yet possess a brand identity that will hold it’s own in the fanciest of occasions.

The Solution

In the discovery phase of this brand creation, our team discovered 3 themes to build this brand around: warm smiles, luxury catering, and craft coffee. Typography was crucial in pulling off a brand identity that felt hipster but visually maintained a premium tone - we achieved a huge win in striking the perfect balance between the two appeals. The roaster, paired with a strictly black and white color scheme, allowed for the brand to reach a very diverse audience. Lastly, we built a custom one-page website for their clients to easily review their services. Interactive, responsive, brilliantly engineered SEO, and plenty of CTA's to drive sales.