Premenko Creative

Tea & Timbre

Luxury loose-leaf tea

The Challenge

Tea & Timbre want to mainstream loose leaf tea by featuring a delicious array of handcraft signature blends, as well as robust single estate full leaf tea offerings. Their desire is to remain approachable and make tea popular throughout the United States. Most of Americans are used to boiling water and pouring it over a pre-bagged tea. Our challenge was to convert the average Tazo drinker into a loose leaf enthusiast.

Naturally, imagery of a tea leaf, cup of hot water, or even a classical wellness logo would come to mind for such a company as Tea & Timbre - but we believe in challenging the status quo. Yes, a brand should be appropriate to the market, but it must also be memorable - enter the bison. Very akin to a luxurious tea, bison resemble a very reserved strength. Not an animal that is quick to aggression, but roams with a bold presence. Our design team took this notion and created a wonderful identity for Tea & Timbre.
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